Zenii Mariage

Mariage Countertop Water Bar

Ultra High Hydrogen Concentration

Introducing the zenii Mariage system, an exciting and giant leap forward in the molecular hydrogen industry.

This countertop system gives you access to the highest concentration of H2 infused water currently available globally.

The Mariage is the benchmark that all other H2 rich water machines will be measured against in the future.

Technologically advanced, it works as a countertop unit for the entire family, in your home, office, boardroom, gym, or wherever you choose.

Zenii Mariage

The Future is here

1 Liter of ultra rich H2 water produced by the superior Mariage equals to 17’500 Liters of the old technology with a 1600 ppm.

powerful . easy . stylish

Technologically advanced

  • Proprietary Molecular Hydrogen generation process
  • Ultra high H2 concentration of 28’000ppm
  • Enjoy highly concentrated hydrogen water with visible hydrogen bubble
  • Instant hydrogen gas generating system
  • Automatic membrane cleaning function
Zenii Mariage

Easy Connection

No need to connect to water pipe.

Simply fill the 4 L bulk storage tank with drinkable water.

Integration of high performance filter.

Zenii Mariage

Stylish Design

Compact, contemporary, convenient design to fit on any surface.

Easy Filter Replacement

– Quick clamping system

– No professional required

– Auto remind filter replacement function

– Filter life 3000L