Meet the

The zenii active is a powerful pocket size molecular hydrogen water generator that weighs just 250 grams.

It will infuse your choice of purified or mineral water with high content of dissolved molecular hydrogen with 1100ppb in only 3 min and up to 1600ppb in 5 min.

Zenii Active
  • Stronger Immune System

  • Antioxidants Neutralizing Free Radicals

  • Mental Clarity

  • Weight Management

  • Improved Recovery

Superior Technology

Using the latest SPE/PEM technology with extra large platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates and DuPont ion film.

With integrated gas escape valve for successful removal of chlorine and ozone.

Although “Solid Poly Electrolytic (SPE) / Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)” is currently the leading electrolysis technology to produce high content molecular hydrogen water, it also produces unwanted ozone and chlorine in the drinking water.

While other manufacturers often ignore those contaminating by-products, the zenii™ active features a specially designed waste release valve to prevent any unwanted residuals from entering into the drinking water.

The Only Self-Cleaning Molecular Hydrogen Water Bottle

The zenii active features an easy to use self cleaning function by a simple press of a button.

“Solid Poly Electrolytic (SPE) / Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)” technology produces with every use a slight “scale” build-up on the high tech platinum
coated titanium electrolysis membranes.

If this scale is not removed regularly, the hydrogen content in the water is highly reduced to the point that there is no hydrogen at all in the water!

Additionally, the zenii active features a membrane self cleaning function to remove any scale build up with a simple press of a button.  The full membrane cleaning procedure is detailed in the user manual.

German Design

Push-button operated protected drinking spout for simple one-hand operation with locking function.