About Us

We are a team of health care professionals interested in helping you discover evidence-based innovative natural therapies to prevent and recover from disease, achieve optimal health, improve and maximize performance and enhance quality of life.

Our Name

The name zenii derives from the the word “zen” for our approach to achieve desired health, wellness and fitness goals with a “simple” or “undisturbed”, “peaceful” approach as opposed to pharmaceutical chemical based; and the “ii” stands for being “inquisitive” and “informed” after having studied and learned the latest science based research on the therapeutic benefits of mother nature’s gifts.


Our mission is to constantly follow the latest science-based research and developments on natural therapies, technologies and equipment and make it available to doctors, physicians and the public.

We also focus on educating the public about claims without scientific backup made by salespeople with the only aim to sell their products.

We invite everybody to join us in our journey and make available, for reason of transparency, the latest links to research and development.

Be prepared to be amazed.