Elite Hydrogen – Multifunction Countertop Water Bar

Built-in 4 stage Reverse Osmosis Purification System

Effectively removes chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and bacteria from water.

Integrated hydrogen generator to generate high concentration of hydrogen rich water.

Protects hydrogen generating membrane from scale build-up.

Integrated advanced PEM/SPE technology with titanium, platinum coated electrolysing plates to produce instantly high concentration dissolved molecular hydrogen water with up to 1500ppb.

High thermal fast heating technology of 3 seconds to produce hot water almost instantly.

Build in filter replacement warning system.

Elite Hydrogen Countertop
Elite Hydrogen Countertop Waterbar

Easy Connection

No need to connect to plumbing.

Simply fill the 5L bulk storage tank with drinkable water.

Easy Operation – With every Sip to Better Health

Select purified water, hydrogen rich water, warm or hot water by a simple press of a button.

Elite Hydrogen Countertop

Stylish Design

Stylish exterior design that will fit into any kitchen, office, reception area or boardroom

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology

-0,0001 micron Efficient Filtration

Easy Filter Replacement

– Quick clamping system

– No professional required

– Auto remind filter replacement function