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World Leaders in Molecular Hydrogen

The next generation of health is here.
Demonstrated in 1000+ peer-reviewed studies and scientific articles to have therapeutic efficacy for over 170 diseases and virtually every organ in the human body, including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity…

  • World Leaders in Molecular Hydrogen

    The next generation of health is here.
    Groundbreaking, Proven, Therapeutic.

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  • Science Based Development

    Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is quite possible the most revolutionary wellness breakthrough in recent history, and we have harnessed the power of H2 like never before.

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  • Overwhelming Scientific Evidence

    Over 1000 high impact peer-reviewed studies and scienfic arcles support the therapeuc efficacy of H2 therapy

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  • Natural & Safe

    Hydrogen is the oldest, smallest and most abundant element in the Universe.
    100% natural, non-toxic and 100% safe.
    No side-effects whatsoever.

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  • State-of-the-art Technology

    With our wide range of H2 therapy devices and high H2 concentrations
    you simply can’t compare the zenii H2 systems to anything else in the H2 industry.

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  • Passion & Mission

    We only have one life and one body.
    Looking after our health is our responsibility, not the one of the pharmaceucal industry.

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What some of our Clients had to say


I have to tell you that we are so grateful to have found you! The hydrogen water cleared the eczema on my face within 3 days, EMF pain in left arm that has been very painful since last year August is a LOT better and we are delighted with how easy it is to use- another step forward on my journey to complete restoration! We are so thankful!

LibbyJeffreys Bay

I bought the Zenii Active bottle in February and couldn’t be any happier with my purchase! I am a very lively 71 year old and it has not only given me more energy but also improved my memory!

Hester GeldenhuysPretoria

I have a client with a stroke – could not walk, was blind one eye, could not speak properly. Started the Inhalation therapy on the 13th July everyday. Yesterday, 20th July – walked in, smiled, we had a proper conversation and he is seeing a bit better! What an improvement!

Fountain of HealthWindhoek, Namibia

I had prostate cancer and did all the conventional treatments. I was also using hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen water. I made my doctors aware of the H2 and they were all amazed that I didn’t have any side effects from the treatment. Been clear since. I will never stop doing the inhalation and drinking the water!

Pieter Van RooyenCape Town

I have to tell you- I am in LOVE with your Nano Sprayer!!! It has truly done wonders for my skin! I can see and feel such a difference, it’s wonderful!

Anna-Maria BeckCape Town