Hydrogen Gas for Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and Obesity

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome is considered a growing epidemic in countries worldwide and is characterized by various medical conditions including visceral obesity, hyperglycaemia, insulin resistance, hypertension, and dyslipidaemia.

Continuation of these conditions increase the risk of cardiovascular and neurological disease and increased mortality. Its pathology is associated with redox dysregulation, excessive inflammation, and perturbation of cellular homeostasis.

There is currently no approved drug to prevent or treat metabolic syndrome. Modifications to diet and lifestyle including caloric restriction and exercise are currently recommended and if implemented can be effective.

However, stresses of daily life, lack of time and sufficient motivation are often the reasons that prevent people from making sufficient modifications to their lifestyle until after they develop symptoms. Nevertheless, even after symptoms emerge, many still do not make the needed changes and develop associated diseases including heart disease, diabetes and neurological disease.

Hydrogen gas has been demonstrated to attenuate oxidative stress, improve cellular function, and reduce chronic inflammation many of which are associated with the pathology of metabolic syndrome and its associated diseases.

What is Hydrogen-Gas (H2) and the Science behind it?

Hydrogen is a natural, colorless, odorless, MEDICAL gas. The potent antioxidant potential was discovered by the Japanese Professor, Dr Shigeo Otha (PHD) and published in the most prestigious journals “NATURE MEDICINE” and “SCIENCE”. This has gained the attention from academic researchers, medical doctors, and physicians around the world.

Since the discovery by Dr Otha, more than 1600 researchers have teamed up globally in the biomedical research of hydrogen as medicine. These scientific publications have also conclusively demonstrated that hydrogen-gas provides therapeutic potential in the prevention and treatment of Metabolic Syndrome and its associated diseases including heart disease, diabetes and neurological disease.

Hydrogen Gas for General Health

So far, over 1000 high quality scientific studies have demonstrated that hydrogen-gas provides therapeutic potential for the prevention and treatment of more than 170 human and animal disease models including heart disease, diabetes and cancers.

Hydrogen Gas Heart Disease

The clinical and pre-clinical studies demonstrate that hydrogen-gas is providing antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, anti-allergy, anti-obesity and anti-apoptosis properties.

Therefore, hydrogen therapy not only offers great potential in the treatment of metabolic syndrome but also in the prevention. It provides therapeutic potential to fight high risk factors associated with the development and progression of the disease.

Hydrogen-gas reduces oxidative stress and improves redox homeostasis partly mediated via the Nrf2 pathway, which regulates levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.

Is Hydrogen Gas Safe?

Absolutely. The FDA and the clinical papers validate that hydrogen-gas is 100% safe, has no side-effects whatsoever, can never be overdosed and is even safe and beneficial for pregnant woman and babies.

Hydrogen-gas is NOT a foreign substance, but it is natural to the human body. During our best years, our gut bacteria is able to produce litres of hydrogen-gas after a fibre rich meal. However, as we get older, this process slows down. This is linked to the aging process and the development of over 90% of all diseases. Hydrogen-gas will provide the body with the important SELECTIVE antioxidants to eliminate HARMFUL FREE RADICALS which are responsible for the aging process and disease development.

The Japanese government has recently approved hydrogen-gas inhalation as an advanced medicine[99] 

How to get your Daily Dose of Hydrogen-Gas?

There are several effective delivery methods. Hydrogen-Gas can be administered via direct inhalation of the therapeutic gas. [10]

This method is preferred for patients suffering from critical diseases and was used in many pre-clinical and clinical studies. It provides highest hydrogen-gas concentration and organ saturation.

The ability to directly inhale the gas provides an easy to administer, comfortable and affordable treatment option.

The treatment does not require certification and can be administered by the patients in the comfort of their homes.

No nursing staff is required.

Meet the Powerful Zenii-Inhale [10]

Zenii Hydrogen Inhaler

    Advanced patented SPE/PEM hydrogen-gas generation process

    No catalyst required, only pure/distilled water

    Produces 99.999% pure hydrogen-gas

    Produces 99.999% pure oxygen-gas

    Includes all attachments for hydrogen-gas inhalation

Meet the Portable Zenii-Mini Inhale [14]

Zenii Mini Hydrogen Inhaler Portable

✔    Advanced patented SPE/PEM hydrogen-gas generation process

✔    No catalyst required, only pure/distilled water

✔    Produces 99.999% pure hydrogen-gas

✔    Includes all attachments for hydrogen-gas inhalation

Hydrogen-Gas Infused Water [5,6,9]

The simplest method is to infuse the medical gas into water, like making carbonated water. Once the gas is infused into the water it can be used for topical administration such as bath, nano-mist skin spray or by simply drinking the hydrogen water. The combination of hydrogen-gas inhalation and ingestion of hydrogen infused water will provide maximum supplementation of the therapeutic gas.

Introducing the Powerful Zenii-Active

Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Zenii Active Molecular Hydrogen waterNow everyone can afford to own a zenii-active, the world’s smallest yet strongest portable hydrogen water generator that just weighs 250grams. It will infuse your choice of purified or mineral water with high content of dissolved hydrogen gas with 1100ppb in only 3 min and up to 1600ppb in 5 min. Using the latest SPE/PEM technology with extra-large platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates and DuPont ion film, with integrated gas escape valve for successful removal of chlorine and ozone.

Although “Solid Poly Electrolytic (SPE) / Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)” is currently the leading electrolysis technology to produce high content hydrogen rich water, it also produces unwanted ozone and chlorine in the drinking water. While other manufacturers often ignore those contaminating by-products, the zenii active features a specially designed waste release valve to prevent any unwanted residuals from entering the drinking water. [29]

Hydrogen Zenii Active

The Only Self-Cleaning Hydrogen Water Bottle

The zenii active features an easy to use self-cleaning function by a simple press of a button.

SPE/PEM technology produces with every use a slight “scale” build-up on the high-tech platinum coated titanium electrolysis membranes.

If this scale is not removed regularly, the hydrogen gas content in the water is highly reduced to the point that there is no hydrogen at all in the water!

Drinking hydrogen infused water is one of the best, 

effective and natural ways to enjoy vibrant health and beauty

Our comprehensive range of technologically advanced hydrogen/hydroxy therapy devices using superior technology featuring world leading medical concentrations and safety features.

Zenii Hydrogen Product Range

The zenii devices are used in clinics by medical doctors and health care providers and by many private individuals in the comfort of their home. We welcome anybody to join us in our efforts of making this superior supplement/treatment widely available or to own your own device.

We provide free access to the latest research and scientific publications on hydrogen therapy including cell, animal, and human studies.