Zenii Active Hydrogen

Make sure your Hydrogen Water Bottle uses SPE/PEM technology. If not – TOSS IT IN THE BIN!

Molecular Hydrogen as a Potent Therapeutic Agent

Hydrogen water, or also referred to as H2 water, hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen infused water… has gained significant attention from academic researchers, medical doctors, and physicians around the world.

Since the discovery of the potent antioxidant properties by Dr Otha, more than 1600 researchers have teamed up globally in the biomedical research of hydrogen gas.

The more than so far 1000 scientific publications have conclusively demonstrated that hydrogen gas provides therapeutic potential in the prevention and treatment of over 170 animal and human disease models including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. [4]

No surprise then, that one can find a wide variety of gadgets that claim to produce hydrogen infused water.

Molecular Hydrogen Technology

However, in order to get the health benefits demonstrated in the clinical and pre-clinical studies, you need to ensure that your hydrogen water bottle uses SPE (Solid Poly Electrolytic) PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology.

Hydrogen Zenii Active

 But please be aware- Although SPE/PEM)” is currently the leading electrolysis technology to produce high content molecular hydrogen water, it also produces unwanted ozone and residual chlorine in the drinking water.

The Portable Zenii-Active has it All ! 

While other manufacturers often ignore those contaminating by-products, which have adverse health effects, the zenii active features a specially designed waste release valve to prevent any unwanted residuals from entering into your drinking water.

If your hydrogen water bottle doesn’t have a waste release valve,

your water isn’t PURE and SAFE!

Additionally, the zenii active features an easy to use membrane self-cleaning function through the simple press of a button. This advanced technology is very IMPORTANT, since the SPE/PEM technology produces a slight “scale” build-up on the high-tech platinum coated titanium electrolysis membranes with every use. If this scale is not removed regularly, the hydrogen content in the water is highly reduced to the point that there is no hydrogen at all in the water!

This technology makes the zenii active the world’s

BEST portable hydrogen water bottle!

Superior Bottle Cap Safety Feature:

Zenii Active Hydrogen


Most other water bottles use a simple screw cap which requires 2 hands to open the cap. But more disturbingly, this presents a high risk of touching the area coming into contact with the mouth – bacteria or viruses could be easily transferred into the body.

The zenii active cap features a totally sealed and protected drinking spout!

The zenii active cap opens by a simply press of the cap release button which exposes the protected drinking spout.

This not only presents an easy to operate one hand mechanism, but more importantly eliminates the risk from our hand coming into contact with the area touched by the mouth.


The innovative cap design also features a cap lock by simply sliding the cap release button to the top. This prevents the lid from opening accidentally while in a bag, backpack, suitcase…

Zenii Active Advanced Features:

  • Produces up to 1600 PPB of Dissolved Hydrogen
  • High grade Titanium with Platinum Coated Electrodes.
  • Patented SPE/PEM Membrane Technology
  • Waste Gas Release Valve (NO Ozone or Chlorine)
  • Membrane Self-Cleaning Function (MCF).
  • Long Life USB Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery
  • Hygienically Protected Drinking Spout with Simple One-Hand Operation and Locking Function.
  • Dual Function- can be used with any commercial PET water bottle bought at any supermarket or filling station (Adapter included)
  • Made from BPA Free, Food Grade Materials
  • Portable and Easy to Use

Zenii Active Hydrogen Water